Singles (vinyl 7″)

everybody_1everybody_2Polydor S 1232 – 1967

Everybody’s Day/ Faceless Sorrow
(G. Kooymans/ M. Gerritsen)
Produced by: F.C. Haayen



dreammanPolydor S 1246 – 1967

Dream Man/ Looking For That Land
(G. Kooymans/ M. Gerritsen)
Produced by: F.C. Haayen



circus_1circus_2Polydor S 1276 – 1968

Circus Will Be In Town In Time/ Treat Me
(G. Kooymans/ M. Gerritsen)/ (G. Kooymans/ B. van Melzen)
Produced by: F.C. Haayen



frankmillsPolydor S 1302 – 1969

Frank Mills/ Looking For That Land (Pt. 2)
(G. MacDermot/ G. Ragni/ J. Rado)/ (G. Kooymans/ B. van Melzen)
Produced by: F.C. Haayen



tuesday_1tuesday_2Polydor S 1319 – 1969

If It’s Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium/ In The Corner Of My Life
(Donovan Leitch)/ (G. Kooymans)
Produced by: Fred Haayen
Arranged by: Frans Mijts


Black-Sheep-Child-FrontCBS 7005 – 1971

Black sheep child/ Comes a Time
(Tim Hardin)/(T. van Leer/ B. Cleuver)




idontknowhowCBS 7008 – 1971

Everything is allright/ I don’t know how to love Him
(Andrew Lloyd Webber/ Tim Rice)
Produced by: Ruud Jacobs & Thijs van Leer Combo



Once-Upon-A-Time-FrontCBS 7266 – 1971

Once upon a time/ For all we know
(Trad. Arr. H.van Hoof/ C.M. Schrama/ B.Cleuver)/ (F.Karlin/ R.Wilson/ A. James)




allentownCBS 7745 – 1972

Allentown Jail/ Talking in your sleep
(Irving Gordon)/ (Gordon Lightfoot)




allgoodgiftsCBS 8176 – 1972

All good gifts/ Day by Day/ By my side
(Stephen Schwartz)/ (Jay Hamburger and Peggy Gordon)/ (Stephen Schwartz)

Bojoura and the Buffoons



whatisloveCBS 1769 – 1973

What is love/ Another Day
(Jerry Ragovoy)/ (D. Bakker – D. Alan)




theletterCBS 2030 – 1974

The Letter/ Joe
(Thompson/ Wayne/ Carson)/ (A. van Olm/ H. Walltheim)
Produced by: The Wan and Oonlie
Orchestra arranged & conducted by: Dick Bakker


Thank-You-For-Calling-FrontCBS 2351 – 1974

Thank you for calling/ No ceas triste
(C. Walker)/ (Bakker – Waltheim)
Red Nose RN 3 – 1977



butterflyAnother suitcase in another hall/ Butterfly
(T. Rice/ A.L. Webber)
(Trad. bew. I. Gort)
Arranged by: Paul Natte
Produced by: Ilja Gort for Purple Eye Productions B.V. | Basart Records International B.V.



hardtimesEMI 1a 006-26444 – 1979

Hard times/ Living together
(Trad. arr. Piet Bakker – R & F Bolland)/ (R & F Bolland)